Water and Waste Water Engineering

Providing Watertight Designs

WML professionals have more than 20 years’ experience in water engineering. Our staff have state, interstate and international experience in the engineering of water and wastewater systems. WML are also on the Water Corporation Preferred Supplier Regional Minor Design Panel and is prequalified at Tier 2 Level for an unlimited number of Water Corporation HSE Pre-Qualification procurement categories, (potential work on all procurement categories, management of multiple sub-contractors and construction projects).

Our national involvement in successful projects has given us the edge in providing quality services, including:

  • Water and wastewater infrastructure design and documentation
  • Water and wastewater supply
  • Water and wastewater planning
  • Water pressure and demand management
  • Water and wastewater storage design and management
  • Water and wastewater pump station design
  • Pump station refurbishment design
  • Rising main design
  • Construction Management and Supervision

We provide thorough guidance from design and construction through to commissioning and close-out. Our team maintains a keen awareness of time and budget. We emphasise timely decisions, clear communication and adherence to specifications.