We provide cost-effective and durable solutions. Whether your project involves hardstands, airstrips, mine haul roads, local roads or major highways; durability and long service life sits at the top of our priority list.

Providing long service life and cost effective pavement solutions

WML provides investigation and design for all types of pavements and all pavement loadings. We can also provide construction phase services.

Highways and local roads

WML designs pavements for urban and rural highways and local roads. The urban pavements typically include full depth asphalt, stabilised and asphalt surfaced granular pavements. The rural
roads usually have granular pavements with a sprayed seal treatment but can be surfaces with asphalt or can be unsealed. A key element of the designs for rural and local roads is the prayed seal surfacing. We design to Main Roads WA and Austroads standards.


WML undertakes investigations and designs for new and existing airstrips. We undertake investigations that comprise visual assessments, test pits, pavement dippings and falling weight deflectometer testing. Typically, the field data is back-analysed to provide subgrade strength and pavement layer thickness, and with the aircraft movements the pavement thickness and composition, and Pavement Classification Number are determined. We design to CASA, and use FAA standards and software.

Haul Roads

WML designs sealed and unsealed haul roads for mine sites. We undertake investigations and provide pavement thickness and composition of the design subgrade and traffic. The service typically involves advice on using processed mine waste materials for the various pavement layers. WML has successfully designed sprayed bituminous surfacings for mine haul trucks of the 400t class. We design haul road pavements using local, US and South African guidelines.

Industrial Pavements

WML designs segmental block, flexible and rigid (concrete) pavements for industrial sites. For these types of pavements loadings can be very high and channelised. The loadings are typically from forklifts and reach stackers handling containers. Detailing is very
important with industrial pavements as they are usually within facilities that have many interfaces. We design using C&CA or BPA guidelines, or Design Pave and HIPAVE software, as appropriate.