Haul Roads and Haul Road Intersections

Keep Mineral Resources Moving

WML’s experience in the Goldfields and South West Regions includes heavy haul roads and intersections for gold, coal, and mineral sands mining interests.

Our capabilities include

  • Facilitation of service protection and relocation
  • Terrain evaluation and advice
  • Subgrade improvement design
  • Design of signalised and unsignalised intersections
  • Materials investigation and sourcing
  • Pavement management rehabilitation advice
  • Stormwater drainage design
  • Traffic studies and impact statements
  • Liaison with government authorities, including Main Roads Western Australia

Safety and Durability

Mining haul roads handle conflicting tasks; make it easy to move product continuously and efficiently, keep road users safe, and do it all with minimal maintenance. Our expertise in pavement design and local material sourcing means long-lasting solutions that are readily available to your project location.

Permitting and Approvals

Our long-term working relationships with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) and local governments throughout the state enable us to navigate any necessary permitting processes smoothly and efficiently.

Construction Management and Supervision

We provide thorough guidance from design and construction through commissioning and close-out. Our team maintains a keen awareness of time and budget. We emphasise timely decision, clean communication and adherence to specifications.