SERVICES: Geotechnical

Temporary Works Design

Poorly planned temporary works pose a considerable risk to a project. At WML we conduct thorough investigations and work with our clients to develop pragmatic temporary works designs to reduce the geotechnical risk and ensure the safe execution of a project

Slope and Excavation Stability

If your project requires temporary excavation or over steepening of a slope, we can provide designs, recommendations and certification for the works. We provide temporary work designs including temporary grouting, soil nails, earthworks reinforcement and more.

Working Platforms for Cranes and Piling Rigs

From investigation through to certification, we are experts in providing working platform assessments for cranes and piling rigs. We routinely conduct investigations and analysis that provides bearing capacity, settlement and slope stability analysis for temporary lifting platforms. If necessary, we can provide reinforced pad designs for large crane lifts on soft ground, near steep slopes and watercourses.

Retaining Wall and Shoring Design

Our team has a wealth of experience in designing temporary ground shoring systems and retaining walls including anchored retaining walls, sheet piles, solider piles, secant or tangent piles and struts utilising grouting techniques if required.

Control of Surface and Groundwater

WML conducts dewatering investigations, hydrogeological investigations and can provide acid sulphate soil (ASS) and dewatering management plans.