SERVICES: Geotechnical

Geotechnical Engineering

WML has experience across the Geotechnical, Civil, Pavements & Structural disciplines which allows us to provide a fully integrated project approach. We draw on local knowledge and expertise to consistently deliver quality outcomes over various industries from residential and multi-storey commercial developments to infrastructure and mining.

  • Geotechnical Site Investigation
  • Ground Modelling & Geotechnical Analysis
  • Temporary Works Design
  • Verification & Peer Review
  • Consolidation Studies
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Finite Element Modelling & Analysis
  • Earthwork Design & Construction Support
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Leading Geotechnical Engineers

Sites with soft compressible materials can be impacted by excess settlement and geotechnical risk. With some detailed investigation and 3D finite element settlement modelling, we provide the time and load-dependent settlement of the material at your site. We provide solutions to these problems using ground improvement, pre-loading and deep foundations.

Cost Effective Investigation and Design

Our highly skilled and experienced Geotechnical team are based throughout Perth, Kalgoorlie and the Southwest. We provide a range of geotechnical services to all sectors within a variety of industries and we work with our clients to overcome a wide range of complex problems. Our focus is to explore potential opportunities and mitigate geotechnical risk in order enable an efficient, sustainable design regardless of the project.

Geotechnical Analysis and Studies

WML’s wealth of knowledge enables us to come to site and solve problems at a moment’s notice; however some problems may be complicated and require more detailed analysis to ensure that the most suitable solution is employed. Using a full suite of analysis software and geotechnical expertise, we provide our clients with in depth analysis and comprehensive site recommendations so you can be sure you’re prepared for every possible outcome.

Geotechnical Design

From highways and commercial/residential developments to port, mining and industrial facilities; if it interacts with the ground, our geotechnical team can offer a design or assist you with creating the design. We specialise in providing detailed design and support for your site’s unique challenges and pride ourselves in taking our clients complex problems and providing clear, straightforward solutions.

Geotechnical Site Investigations

We understand that every site is different and that the ground can be unpredictable, we utilise a wide range of intrusive and non-intrusive methods to tailor each investigation to you and your site’s specific needs. Adding value to your investigation is our focus, we provide precise recommendations that eliminate the need to go back a second time, saving you time and money.

Slope Stability

Specialising in rock and soil slopes for civil and mining projects, we undertake investigation, analysis, design, optimisation and slope remediation design.

Geotechnical Modelling

WML incorporates the latest software in slope stability and finite element analysis to take our clients complex problems and provide simple solutions.

Temporary Works

From crane/bridge lifts and piling pad design to temporary slope stability, retaining structures and more, WML can be there to ensure that the works are completed safely, on time and with minimal disturbance to the rest of the project.