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Site Classifications

What is a Site Classification Report?

A site classification report, typically referred to as a ground study, soil test or geotech report is a report that is prepared by a qualified geotechnical engineer that assesses the onsite soil conditions so that the correct foundation system can be selected for the structure.

Why do I need a Site Classification Report?

This classification report provides the structural engineer with an idea of the expected movement of the soil and allows them to choose the most suitable footing and slab design in accordance to Australian Standard (AS) 2870 ‘Residential Slabs and Footings’.

What is involved in a Site Classification Report?

A site classification report requires an on-site ground investigation which may include

  • Hand or Machine Augured Boreholes
  • Penetrometer Testing, PSP or DCP
  • Collecting soil samples for laboratory testing

We provide a site classification and remediation recommendations and offer general geotechnical advice. We also provide recommendations on how to improve the site classification, if required we can also provide soil bearing capacity and other geotechnical parameters.