SERVICES: Geotechnical

Landfill Design & Analysis

WML provides end to end landfill services from initial site selection through to capping and rehabilitation. We also provide services to other professional engineers and operators within the waste industry and ancillary services.

Design and Verification

WML provides composite lining system design and verification for landfill cells, tailings dams and capping/closure projects.

We undertake:

  • Limit equilibrium stability analysis for side slopes, waste slopes and outer embankments.
  • Transient groundwater modelling and analysis for design and verification of cap drainage.
  • Finite difference analysis for the determination of geosynthetic tension within basal liner systems.
  • Veneer stability assessments using closed form and limit equilibrium analysis for capping systems.

Environmental Risk Assessment

We undertake quantitative environmental risk assessments and provide supporting documentation to show that your geo-composite liner or cap design performs in accordance with current guidelines and approval criteria.

Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)

WML offers full time and part time CQA services depending on the project requirements. We can be there on-site or over the phone during all phases of construction, from the initial cutting and earthworks to the final leak detection testing of the liner.


If required, WML can act as your projects superintendent. We have experience with superintending capping, lining and earthwork constructions.


WML conducts geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations to prove separation to ground water, material characteristics, general geo-conceptual ground models and determine materials suitability for earthworks.