SERVICES: Structural

Structural Design

Design and integrity assessment for structures of any size, including steel,
aluminium timber and reinforced concrete design. We also specialise in existing structure extensions and additions, multi-use building design for industrial, mining, government and private owners in addition to structural inspections for remediation
planning, pre-purchase, insurance, heritage and dilapidation.

Practicality & Constructability

Success depends on the delicate balance between project goals and financial constraints.
Constructability is at the top of our minds from the earliest project stages. Small, thoughtful changes can lead to big efficiencies later in the project lifespan.

Lateral Thinking

The best solution often is not the obvious one. Our team examines building challenges from every angle. We listen to your needs, then we focus on coming up with not just anyvsolution but the right solution for your project.

Expertise in Construction Methods

Sometimes a project calls for materials and methods that go beyond the ordinary. Our Structural team has experience with masonry, steel, reinforced concrete, timber, FRP – even rammed earth.

Smoothing the Construction Process

Every project involves dozens, sometimes hundreds, of elements coming together with precise timing. If coordinating all those moving parts isn’t your strong suit, we can take on all your project and contract management needs to minimise your stress.

Cost Conscious Design

Budget isn’t a foreign word to us. We work hard throughout each project to help our clients get the most from their resources. We consider initial construction costs as well as whole life costs to achieve the maximum benefit for the project and client.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Capabilities

WML has the expertise to deliver BIM appropriate to project specific needs. BIM data allows more accurate assessment in terms of code compliance and performance benchmarking. As far as practically possible efforts are made to ensure that the BIM environment is linked or heavily informs building services design analysis. This is delivered using parametric tools and links between documentation and analysis models.