SERVICES: Pavements

Detailed Design Verification

Critical Review and Analysis

Clients from the Kimberly to Esperance trust WML to review, analyse and verify
their own designs or those provided by other consultants.

Our ISO 9001 certification and in-depth knowledge of applicable Australian
Standards enable us to provide external design verification across all our
engineering disciplines. Our senior engineers perform targeted analyses to ensure
the chosen solution meets your project’s specifications and complies with all
statutory requirements.

WML can determine whether or not the design complies with technical design
standards and if the design will fulfil its intended purpose. Our verification processes
follow a well defined and documented approach to assure compliance with
stakeholder specifications and design requirements.


We ensure the:

  • Design output conforms to principal specified requirements and design scope
  • Design has been completed in accordance with industry accepted procedures
  • and specifications
  • Design has appropriately addressed site and construction limitations
  • Supporting calculations have been checked and verified by the designer
  • Required approvals associated with the design have been processed and documented