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Southern Seawater Desalination Plant: Summit Tank

The Harvey Summit Tank was constructed approximately 3.5km north east of Harvey. Initially there was to be one 32Ml tank on the site, with provision made for a second.

Project Description

Flat sand foundations and other geotechnical works for WMLs Southern Seawater desalination plant at Harvey Summit in Southwest WA.

WML was appointed to determine and agree with the contractor the material types encountered and their quantities.

The scope of the work was to regularly visit the site, inspect the drill log records, and inspect the blasting and the resulting material profiles and determine/agree material quantities with the contractor.

As the job progressed the scope of the work extended to providing geotechnical advice on the tank foundation and a recommendation to move the tank to a better location.

Drilling equipment used in WMLs geotechnical works for the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant at Harvey Summit in WA's Southwest.
geotechnical engineering consultants using Digger Machinery digging in earth on site.

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