Ord River Expansion Project

The Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA) expansion increased the irrigated area from 14,000ha to 22,000ha and required the construction of 40 kilometres of sealed roads and drainage channels by the Leighton – Moonamang Joint Venture (MJV). Project Value $320m and WML Fee $800,00

Project Description

large construction vehicles in a sub base cement stabilisation trial as part of WMLs geotechnical service for the Ord River Expansion project.

The repair history of the existing roads indicates construction of enduring pavements on black soils is difficult.

An additional issue is that the local, naturally occurring lateritic gravels are gap graded with soft stone.

WML were engaged to locate suitable basecourse material and provide pavement and bituminous surfacing advice as required.

WML Services

WML were engaged to locate suitable basecourse. material and provide pavement and bituminous surfacing advice as required.

Mechanical stabilisation design for basecourse layer.

Management of basecourse stockpiling.

Evaluation of sandstone deposit for select subgrade and sub base layers.

Cement stabilisation design for sub base layer.

Bituminous surfacing advice as required.

The provision of surveillance officer services for pavement construction.

Management of basecourse pit rehabilitation.

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