Brierty Limited project for Main Roads Western Australia

Great Eastern Highway Bullabulling to Coolgardie

The project works included all investigation, design and construction required to reconstruct, widen, or overlay and widen approximately 36km section of Great Eastern Highway between Bullabulling and Coolgardie.

Project Description

Highway Cutting at 520.6 SLK (under construction) showing the temporary realignment of the highway as part of WML's geotechnical service project for mainroadsWA.

Cutting at 520.6 SLK (under construction) showing the temporary realignment of the highway.

This section of rural road provides an important link between Perth and the Eastern States. Sections of the road had fallen below acceptable standards and required upgrades to meet increased traffic demand, particularly heavy vehicles.

WML Services

Geotechnical and pavement investigation and design

Materials search, and development and management of pits

Construction advice

Seal performance advice

Advice on pavement performance measures

An innovation developed during the project was the use of an unmanned drone to photograph road building material pits, as an aid in their management

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