Cristal Pigment

Dardanup Residue Disposal Area Cells 1 and 2, leachate pond, water storage pond and radioactive waste cell infrastructure

Cristal Pigment Australia Ltd (Cristal) proposes to construct a residue disposal facility (RDF), on their site at Panizza Road, about 4km to the southeast of the town of Dardanup. It is proposed to accept approximately 5 million m 3 of waste over the next thirty years, from their titanium dioxide processing plants at Australind and Kemerton. Project Value $17m and WML Fee $480,000

Project Description

water pipes being laid as part of WML's civil work project Dardanup Residue Disposal Area

As part of the works application approval process, the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) require that it be demonstrated how the proposed development will comply with the requirements of the Victorian EPA Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines for Siting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills, known as the BPEM guidelines.

The aim of this document is to demonstrate compliance with the above criteria.

WML Consultants Pty Ltd (WML) was engaged by Cristal to develop a Site Master Plan in order to prove the feasibility of the proposed RDF and to provide a plan for going forward with future development of the site until final closure is reached.

The Master Plan comprises of the following elements:

A worker sealing plastic undercover of WML's Dardanup Residue Disposal Area civil work project.

An assessment of the hydrogeological risk to the regional groundwater and recommendations for residue storage liner design and operation to reduce the risk of contaminant migration, referred to as the Hydrogeological Report.

This report demonstrates compliance with the BPEM guidelines for Best-Practice Siting Considerations and is attached as Appendix A.

  • Residue Disposal Facility design to determine development staging, prove storage capacity requirements and determine earthworks volumes. Drawings are provided in Appendix B
  • Demonstration of compliance with the BPEM guidelines for Best-Practice Design
  • Demonstration of compliance with the BPEM guidelines for Best-Practice Operational procedures
  • Design of the final landform and capping requirements and demonstration of compliance with the BPEM guidelines for Best-Practice Rehabilitation and Aftercare WML was further engaged to complete the detailed design of the water storage/detention pond, leachate collection pond, cells 1 and 2 and the radioactive waste storage cell.

WML also designed all the relevant infrastructure surrounding the above elements, including pumps and piping systems and electrical reticulation. Safety systems were designed at all open pits/sumps as well as water bodies and residue ponds.

WML Services

Engineering design of earthworks and storage capacity

Feasibility design and report

Site Masterplan

Concept design drawings

Detail design drawing

Design report

Quantities and Cost estimates

Technical specification

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